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Jesse James for Seattle City Council Position 8

Hello, fellow citizens of Seattle! My name is Jesse James and I am running for Seattle City Council Position 8 in 2021. I am not a fringe activist nor am I a career politician. I am a citizen who is concerned for the future of our beautiful city. I believe the current city council is out of touch with the average citizen's concerns, and it is high time for some fresh ideas and new perspectives to help move us forward. I need your support and I need your vote!

As a Seattle City Council member, these are some of the issues I would address:

Rebuild and Support Small Businesses and the Local Music Scene
Small businesses in Seattle have suffered greatly this last year. Many businesses have shut down for good. Many others remain boarded up. A boarded up Seattle is not the Seattle I know and love. Restaurants, bars, and live music clubs have been especially hit hard. Our music scene is essential to the culture of our city, and should be treasured and embraced. We need to support small businesses in Seattle in order to help them rebuild and thrive. This is a key issue for our local economy.

Legalize Poker/Card Rooms in Seattle
Card rooms are legal in Washington State, but in 1974 they were banned in the Seattle city limits. This is the year 2021. Outdated prohibition laws like this have no place in our free society and modern day Seattle. Legalizing poker/card rooms in Seattle would create new jobs, stimulate the economy, and create a new tax revenue source. I suggest setting a tax rate of 15% as Shoreline's rate is 10%. After everything we have been through this last year, I think this would be a fantastic way to lift spirits and signal a new prosperous era for Seattle!

Free the Democracy Dollar
First, I want to say that I am a huge supporter and fan of programs that help stimulate and bring much needed support to grassroots campaigns and movements. Unfortunately the current regulations on our system have a gaping flaw to them that cannot be overlooked. Seattle's current Democracy Voucher program requires city wide candidates to collect 400 real money donations of ten dollars or more from registered voters before they can receive or redeem any vouchers for their campaigns. While this may not seem like too much at first, there is a clear advantage given to incumbents and career politicians who come into elections with already established bases. They can meet this requirement and start using their vouchers quickly, while their competitors are stuck gathering signatures. It's also more than worth noting that candidates who represent poor people's interests will have a harder time collecting from their constituents. Adding insult to injury, the whole point of the Democracy Voucher program is to support grassroots oriented candidates, not put them at an immediate disadvantage from the get go. I suggest we remove this anti-democratic requirement so that citizens can give valid vouchers to any candidate on the ballot, because after all... the only test democracy should have is the people!

Repeal Seattle's Sweetened Beverage Tax
Seattle's "Sweetened Beverage Tax" places a tax of 1.75 cents per ounce ($2.24 per gallon) on all beverages containing sugar such as: soda pop, sports drinks, fruit drinks, sweetened coffees and teas, etc. In some instances, this tax more than doubles the price of the beverage. Not only does this tax target the poor more than any other demographic, but similar legislation passed in other cities around the country has never actually shown to reduce obesity; the whole point of such taxation. Furthermore, I don't think it's the government's job to try and dictate what people drink! All in all, Seattle's Sweetened Beverage Tax is unnecessary, ineffective, excessive, and it is high time for it to be repealed.

The homeless crisis is out of control in the city of Seattle, and despite all the money the city throws at the issue, it is progressively getting worse. The current "let them be" policy is not solving anything, nor helping anyone. It is making the problem worse. I believe the root causes of homelessness need to be addressed, the root causes mainly being mental illness and drug addiction, both of which can be treated. The current city council prefers to leave it untreated, and this needs to change. We need a streamlined and efficient rehabilitation program for the addicted, and counseling and mental health services for the mentally ill. Clearing homeless encampments without providing a new option is pointless, but I do believe we should make a priority of keeping areas around our schools encampment free, as the safety of the children should always be a top priority of any civilized society.

When it comes to the issue of the police, I take the reform side of the argument. It's clear that changes need to be made, but those changes are complex and cannot be boiled down to a simple slogan.

In closing, I am a savvy, young populist who will fight on behalf of the people and small businesses, always! A vote for me is a vote for a new voice for the city, and the first step to bringing Seattle into a brighter future. Please give me your vote come the August 3rd primary election!

PLEASE VOTE, and be sure to return your ballot by August 3rd! Don't forget to sign and date your ballot envelope!

Check out the Jesse James For Seattle RADIO ad, which will run on Seattle's ROCK radio stations!

Jesse James on stage, circa 2017.

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