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World's First Transgender Chimpanzee Uses Women's Restroom
Chimpanzee Bobo "Studs" McKenzie declares self a transgender, uses women's public bathroom

by Paul Diamond Blow (submitted November 28, 2017)

Transgender chimp, Bobo "Studs" McKenzie

Chimpanzee Bobo "Studs" McKenzie shocked the country by declaring himself a "transgender" and boldly using the women's public bathroom at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo, much to the chagrin of the women in the park's restroom. Women ran screaming from the restroom as Bobo "Studs" McKenzie entered the facilities, swung from stall to stall, and finally deposited himself to take what he calls "my morning constitution."

Bobo "Studs" McKenzie, a male, 34-year-old chimpanzee from the Congo, became the world's first transgender chimp with his official announcement held later at a Woodland Park Zoo press conference.

"Sometimes I feel like a male," explained Bobo. "Sometimes I feel more like a female. And sometimes I just feel like an ape. Why should I be constrained by the limitations society has placed on me?"

The zoo's manager, Abagail Klondikeski, supported Bobo's decision, and his right to use whichever public restroom he chooses to use. "He is a special kind of monkey," she said, "and we will stand up for his/her rights as a transgender chimpanzee."

Not all in attendance were happy with this news. "It's a smelly ape," said Gloria Hornschool, one of the woman who fled the bathroom. "And the mess he made... the smell... horrible, horrible. Why not make him use the men's bathroom, with the rest of the animals?"

"It's not easy being the first transgender monkey," stated Bobo. "But I believe I am not the only one out there, and you can believe we will stand up for our rights and be heard. And use whichever bathroom pleases us."

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