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Welcome to Paul Diamond Blow's Huggy Talk! Paul Diamond Blow has been writing his "Huggy Talk" column for the Seattle Sinner magazine since 2009, and here are links to some of Blow's articles, rants, raves, observations, philosophy, and random madness about music, pop culture, and life in general... for your viewing and reading pleasure. For the complete collection of Blow's best work, buy his book Tales From Outer Space (P. 2011).

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Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Sexiest Women of All Time: PDB lists the sexiest of the sexy hot women.

Top Ten Coolest TV Characters of All Time: Who are the coolest dudes on TV, ever?? AAAAAAAAY!

The Top Ten Most Annoying Celebrities of Modern Times: Humorous list of the top ten celebrities that annoy the holy heck out of PDB.

Top Ten Holiday Snacks and Treats: PDB lays out your holiday snack tray for you, and you will LOVE it! Yummy!

Top Ten Christmas Gifts for the Single Guy: PDB knows what single guys like... here are the top ten gifts for bachelors!

Top Ten New Year's Resolutions: Need some good New Year's resolutions for the new year? Borrow some of PDB's! These are good for EVERY new year!

The Best (Fun and Easy) Jobs for Teens: Great list of fun and easy jobs suitable for teenagers and others with little or no work experience.

Rock Stars, Rock Bands, Rock'n'roll!

Top Ten Coolest Rock Stars of All Time: PDB lists the COOLEST of the cool rock stars with descriptions on what makes them so cool.

Top Ten Rock Guitarists of All Time: PDB lists the coolest guitarists in Rock music. Dig it!

The Top Ten Punk Rock Bands of All Time: Paul Diamond Blow picks the best punk bands ever.

The Top Ten Rock Singers of All Time: Paul Diamond Blow lists his favorite singers in rock music, with descriptions on what makes them awesome.

The Top Ten Punk Rock Albums of All Time: Paul Diamond Blow picks the punk rock hits!

The Top Ten Heavy Metal Albums of All Time: Paul Diamond Blow picks the best metal ever. Bang your head!

The Top Ten Party Rock Songs of All Time: Paul Diamond Blow picks the party rock hits!

CHICKS THAT ROCK: the Top Ten Female Musicians/Artists of all time: these chicks really rock the house, and then some!

Bands that SUCK: the worst, most annoying bands in rock music: List of the worst, most annoying bands, bands that make Paul Diamond Blow smash radios just to shut them up.

Top Ten Things to do at a Rock Concert: PDB's hilarious tips on how to achieve the most awesome experience allowed by law at a rock concert. A must read!

Guns N' Roses Hell Tour to Seattle, 1985: PDB bears witness to Guns N Roses first show ever in Seattle, WA, in 1985... yes, he was there!

KISS video and CD reviews: PDB reviews "KISS EXPOSED" and "KISS ALIVE II"

ROCK YOU, MOTHER ROCKER!: Paul Diamond Blow has compiled a list of links to all his favorite rock stars and rock bands official websites. Check it out!

Psychic Readings and Predictions

Free Online Psychic Readings: Hilarious FREE psychic readings courtesy of Psychic to the Stars Paul Diamond Blow!

Psychic Predicts End of the World in 2142: Psychic to the Stars Paul Diamond Blow channels the spirits of dead rock stars, predicts doom.

Psychic Predictions for 2019: Hilarious predictions for 2018 courtesy of Psychic to the Stars Paul Diamond Blow!

Horoscope Predictions for 2019: Hilarious zodiac predictions for 2019 courtesy of famed astrologist/psychic Paul Diamond Blow!

Articles about Seattle, Washington (where PDB lives)

Top Ten Things to do in Seattle, Washington: Local legend Paul Diamond Blow lists the top ten things to do and see in his home city Seattle, WA.

How to Save Money in Seattle, WA: Professional tightwad PDB tells you how to save money and live on the cheap in Seattle, WA.

How to get to Seatac Airport from Seattle: PDB lists the best transportation options for getting to Seatac Airport from Seattle.

Seattle's LINK light rail train: a sweet ride: PDB hops aboard and reviews Seattle's LINK light rail train.

The Best Places to View 4th of July Fireworks in Seattle: Great balls of fire! Here are the best places to watch Independence Day fireworks in the Seattle area.

Top Ten Things to do at Ocean Shores in Washington: Professional wave rocker and beach enthusiast Paul Diamond Blow lists the top ten fun things to do at Ocean Shores in Washington State.

How to avoid or fight parking tickets in Seattle: Parking tickets got ya down? Here's how to fight them without hiring a lawyer.

Tourist Review: San Diego's Coronado Beach: PDB reviews San Diego's waterfront and Coronado Beach... surf's up, dudes!.

Humorous / Satire articles

The Exorcism of Myspace: A true story of one man's fight against the forces of evil that invaded Myspace! A hilarious read, and an instant classic!

How to Pick Up Chicks with the Paul Diamond Blow Method: Legendary womanizer Paul Diamond Blow shares his secrets for scoring with women and picking up the chicks.

How to be a Hipster (In ten easy steps): Oh, so you want to be a hipster, like everyone else these days? PDB shows how it's done... hilarious!

Gifts That Suck: The world's worst, suckiest Christmas presents.

Digital TV SUCKS! Bring Me Back My Analog!: PDB makes the case against the new digital TV format in this humorous article.

Alternative Language for Swear and Cuss Words: Clean out your goshdarned mouth! Substitute words and phrases for offensive cuss and swear words. Hilarious!

Donald Trump Picks Chimpanzee for Cabinet Postition: Political Satire -- a must read, lol.

World's First Transgender Chimpanzee Uses Women's Bathroom: Social Satire -- holy smokes, a must read, lol.

Smart Phones are DUMB!: PDB lists the top reasons why smart phones suck and why he still uses a flip phone.

Product Reviews

The Best Cash Back Reward Credit Cards (and how to use them effectively: PDB reviews the BEST cash back rewards credit cards for earning money back on all your purchases.

Credit Card Review: the Chase Freedom rewards card: PDB reviews the Chase Freedom cash back credit card.

The Top Five Light Beers (according to Paul Diamond Blow): PDB reviews his top five domestic light beers. Cheers!

Best Light Beer: Coors Light, the Silver Bullet: PDB reviews his favorite light beer: Coors Light.

Car review: the 1984 Cutlass Supreme: PDB writes a review of the car he owned and loved for over ten years: the Cutlass Supreme.

Car review: the 1995 Ford Thunderbird LX: PDB writes a review of the car he currently owns and loves: the 1995 Ford Thunderbird.

Robinhood's Stock Lending Program is a Rip-off! Here's Why!: How much money did PDB earn in two months with Robinhood's stock lending program? The results will SHOCK you!

Get a FREE stock from Robinhood: yes, you can get one FREE stock from Robinhood (stock market trading app) using PDB's referral invite on this page!

Miscellaneous articles

How to Get into Sexy Shape WITHOUT Joining a Gym!: Get into Sexy Shape with the world famous 20-minute Paul Diamond Blow Workout!

How to Lose Weight With the Paul Diamond Blow Method: Need to lose some chub? Read this article, fatty!

Karate: the Ultimate Workout: Get in sexy shape and learn how to defend yourself with karate -- the ultimate workout!

Cheap and easy to make meals for the single guy or gal: Tired of eating at McDonalds? Want some ideas for meals that are easy to make, cheap, and nutritious to boot? Read this...

Planet of the Apes: the Coolest Sc-Fi Movies of All Time:PDB explains why the Planet of the Apes movies are the only sci-fi movies that matter... Ape out!

The COOLEST names for boys: Need a name for your baby boy? Let PDB name him for you with his cool boy names!

SCAM ALERT: The Walmart Mystery Shopper Scam: The Walmart Mystery Shopper scam has been around since 2011. Don't fall for it!

The NFL Quarterback Rating Formula Guide: How to use the official NFL formula to compute your favorite QB's NFL rating.

Cell Phone Stuck in Headset Mode? Here's the fix:How to clean out your cell phone's headphone jack to free it from being stuck in "headset" mode.


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