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COOL and Unique Names for Boys
Looking for a Cool Name for Your Baby Boy? Let Me Name Him for You

by Paul Ace Diamond "Huggy" Blow

Are you looking for a unique, cool name for your new born baby boy? I have compiled here a list of the coolest names for boys I could think of, and many of these names have been taken by cool celebrities and rock stars, which is a bonus as far as I am concerned. Now, as far as names go, remember that your youngster will have to live his entire life with the name you give him and some names that may seem cool to you may make him an object of ridicule growing up, so choose carefully. I have musician friends who have named their boys after their favorite musical instruments and cars (Marshall, Gibson, Fender, Cadillac, Casio) but personally I would stick with an authentic name and would highly recommend you NOT name your son after your favorite beer (although Coors has a nice ring to it) On a side note: As a youngster I always wished my name was "Bike" but now that I'm a full grown man it sounds ridiculous to me. "Bike" is not on my list of cool names here, I promise. But enough of my rambling, here is my list of the COOLEST names for boys that exist today...

Ace: After I grew out of my "Bike" phase I always wished my name was Ace, after Ace Frehley, you know.

Axl: As in "Axl Rose" of course... Axl is actually a variant of the Hebrew name Axel, meaning "father of peace." Does Axl Rose know this?

Alex or Alexander: As in Alexander the Great. A cool sounding name, and it inspires greatness.

Atlas: The name of the mythical Greek Titan who symbolizes great strength. How cool is that? Very...

Austin: A popular name made cool thanks to movie character Austin Powers. It is also the name of a city and the last name of the Six Million Dollar Man. How cool is that?

Bruce: I'm not sure if I personally would want to be named Bruce, but if it's good enough for Bruce Willis and the martial arts legend Bruce Lee then it's good enough for my list of cool names for boys.

Casey: I like the way "Casey" rolls off the tongue. As in Casey Kasem, the legendary radio personality, and Pastor Casey Treat (famed but weird TV evangelist).

Caspar OR Casper: an unusual, but cool name, as in "Casper the Friendly Ghost." Both Caspar and Casper are authentic names. Another variation of the name is Kasper. Swell name for a kid.

Caesar: a cool name fit for a king, a casino, or a new born baby boy. Also the name of a chimpanzee character in several Planet of the Apes movies, played by actor Roddy McDowell.

Chase: The Chase is better than the catch, so they say. Currently taken by Chase Manhatten Bank, but don't let that stop you.

Dallas: If you are going to name your boy after a city, I highly suggest Dallas. It's got kind of a cowboy vibe to it. Do NOT name your child "Milwaukee"

Gabriel: A biblical name, Gabriel was an angel, in case you didn't know.

Galen: The name of a chimpanzee character in the Planet of the Apes TV series, played by Roddy McDowell. A cool name, and it is an authentic name of Greek origin, meaning "calm."

Guido: Comon, you want to name your kid "Guido." You know you do.

Ian: Short but sweet cool name. it is the Scottish Gaelic version of the name John. Some cool rockers have this name: Ian Astbury (the Cult), Ian Hunter

Jesse: a cool name for either a boy or a girl. As in Jesse James, the infamous Western outlaw, or Jesse Ventura, the wrestler-turned-politician-turned-conspiracy theorist.

Keith: Who is the coolest rock'n'roller in the world? Keith Richards! Is your kid cool enough for this name? Only give this name to your kid if he ROCKS.

Korey: A spin on "Corey" but with a "K"... I like it, I like it a lot.

Mick: Some cool rock stars have this name -- Mick Jagger, Mick Mars, Mick Taylor, Mick Jones. Or how about Mickey Mouse?

Monty: Remember Monty Hall, the TV game show host? ("Hey Monty, I'll take door number two!") How about Monty Python? An especially good pick if your last name happens to be "Carlo."

Otis: a very cool name you don't hear too often. As in "Otis Redding." I actually have a friend named "Otis P. Otis." How cool is that?

Ozzie: a cool and unusual name for a boy. Not to be confused with Ozzy Osbourne, unless you want it to be.

Paul: Hey, this is my name so it's the coolest name in the world and on my list! Some cool Pauls: Paul Stanley, Paul Newman, Paul Diamond Blow. Cool variants of Paul: Pauluche, Pablo, Pauly, Paulos

Reggie (Reginald): As a youth I used to read Archie comic books. Reggie was the name of a character who I thought was a cool dude. He was a dick, but a cool dick. I still like this name.

Roddy: I've mentioned the actor Roddy McDowell here a couple times, and what the heck... Roddy is a cool name in itself, suitable for an actor, a boy, a wrestler, or an ape.

Ruben: No, this is not the sandwich. It's a cool name suitable for a boy, I insist. If you prefer the sandwich, go ahead and name your son Reuben.

Sebastian: I always liked this name, as in "Sebastian Bach" the singer for Skid Row. Probably the "gayest" name on my list.

Shane: I gotta admit, I think of "Shane" as being more a name for a horse, for some reason. It's cool though -- fit for a young boy, or a young horse.

Sidney: Whenever I hear the name "Sidney" I think of the late, great punk rock icon Sid Vicous. Great name for a future bass player.

Tiberious: Kind of a silly name, actually, but it's the middle name of Captain James T. Kirk, so it makes it on my list.

Titus: I have never personally met anyone named Titus. Titus is a Christian name, the original Titus was an apostle and friend of St. Paul. Titus is a cool name fit for a boy, or a nuclear missile.

Tommy (Thomas): probably the most common name on my list, but it's got a nice ring to it and there have been many cool Tommys: Tommy Lee, Tommy Ramone, Tommy Gunn, Tommy Knocker, Tommy Tom Tom. Okay, I made some of those up, but they sound good.

Tyler: I've only known a few Tylers in real life, but they've all been super cool so if you name your boy Tyler it ensures he too will be super cool.

Vince (Vinnie): one of the coolest Italian names ever. As in Vince Neil, Vince Vaughn, or Vinnie Barbarino (the character that made John Travolta famous.) An especially good pick if your last name is "Vinchenzo."

Virgil:Virgil was the name of an orangutan character in the movie Conquest of the Planet of the Apes. That's where I first heard it, but rest assured Virgil is an authentic and cool name of Latin origin and suitable for a boy, or an orangutan.

Wolfgang: As in "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart" the famous composer. This name may make your youngster the object of ridicule, but I chose this name for myself for my Catholic Confirmation back in the eighth grade, and it got a lot of laughs in church. Other famous Wolfgangs: Wolfgang Puck, Wolfgang Van Halen (son of Alex Van Halen), and of course -- Wolfgang Munster.

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