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How to Pick Up Chicks with the Paul Diamond Blow Method
Legendary Womanizer Paul Diamond Blow Shares His Secrets for Meeting and Impressing the Ladies... In Other Words, Picking Up Chicks

by Paul Diamond Blow

Attention all single guys and wanna-be studs: You wanna pick up chicks? You wanna impress the ladies? You wanna be some kind of a “player”? You were right to come to me. You found the right article about picking up chicks at the right time. This is your lucky day because here, for the first time ever, I will share my secrets for impressing the ladies and picking up the chicks. I’ve been doing this a long time and have a bit of a reputation in my home town as a dedicated womanizer, and I’m not bragging, just laying down the facts here so that you know where I’m coming from. First off, to pick up chicks you don’t need to drive an expensive car, wear an expensive suit, or be some kind of Jersey Shore Guido. No, to impress the ladies and pick up chicks you need three things: charm, personality, flair, and a good sense of humor. All right, that’s four things. I stand corrected.

The mistake most guys make when trying to pick up chicks is that they come on with stupid pick up lines, such as “You have nice eyes,” or “What’s your name? That’s a pretty name.” There’s a word for these kind of guys… the word is “Dork.” Dorks do not impress the ladies. Let me tell ya something, if you come on to a woman like that you may as well be Freddy Kreuger because the women are going to run away from you screaming. The first step for impressing the ladies and picking up chicks is the introduction: when you meet the chica for the first time, slyly introduce yourself, and impress her with your wit and charm. I have fine-tuned this, and I call it the “Paul Diamond Blow Method for picking up chicks.” If done correctly, the Paul Diamond Blow Method for picking up chicks never fails, and I am only sharing this with you now because I’m tired of seeing you dorks embarrass yourself in the bars.

The following is an example of the Paul Diamond Blow Method in action. This is a conversation you will have with a hottie, at say, a local dive bar. (Why not? That’s where I meet most of my women.) Believe me… I’ve had this conversation many times in real life and it always results in me getting the girl (or occasionally, a slap in the face). The scenario is this: you are at a local dive bar and you find yourself sitting next to an attractive chica at the bar.

You: How’s it going?
(Asking “how’s it going” shows her that you genuinely care about her welfare.)

Chica: Fine… (not real impressed just yet.)

You: Good to hear. Allow me to introduce myself. (pause) I’m your new boyfriend.

Chica: Ha ha. That’s funny.

You: What’s your name, sweetheart?
(Note: some woman prefer to be called “sweetheart” while others prefer to be called “babe.”)

Chica: My name is Susan.

You: Ah! That’s my father’s name!
(This will amuse her, and by bringing up your father will show her you are a family man.)

Chica: Ha ha. That’s funny! What’s your name?

You: My name is Miles… (pause)… Miles Long. (This joke will amuse her as well as titillate her imagination.)

Chica: Oh my gosh, you are so funny. Is that your real name?

You: My real name is (insert your first name here). I was named after (insert famous celebrity who shares your first name).

Chica: Ha ha.You are too funny.
(Now she’s warmed up to you and ready for a dorky pick-up line.)

You: I just have one question for you, Susan. Is it cold in here or are you just happy to see me?

Chica: Oh my gosh… oh my gosh… ha ha!

You: By the way, Susan, I have a magical watch.
(Show her your wrist, even if you are wearing no watch.)

Chica:Really now? (Now she’s ready for the kill.)

You: Yes. My magical watch tells me you are wearing no panties.

Chica: Ha ha… really now? But I am wearing panties.

You: Oh… (give her a sly look) …my magical watch must be fifteen minutes fast.

Chica: Oh my gosh. Ha ha. You are soo funny. You make me laugh. Do you want to go out with me some time?
(The beauty of the Paul Diamond Blow Method is you get her to ask you out. It’s an old Jedi mind trick.)

You: You bet. That would be nice. (Don’t sound too enthused, after all, you are a pro.)

Chica: Here’s my phone number.

You: Thanks, babe. I’ll give you a call some time. Now then, how about you buy a sailor a drink?

• • • • •
There you have it… the Paul Diamond Blow Method for picking up chicks in action. Take it home with you, study it up, practice it in your mirror, then take it to the meat markets. The Paul Diamond Blow Method for picking up chicks never fails if done correctly. You will at least get the girl’s phone number, or—if done incorrectly—will get a slap in the face. Take your chances, and good luck! (And don’t forget your Huggy Blow condoms.)

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