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The Best Places to View 4th of July Fireworks in the Seattle Area

Great Balls of Fire! Here Are Your Best Options for 4th of July Fireworks in the Seattle Area

by Paul Diamond Blow

If you love watching fireworks displays on the 4th of July and you live in the Seattle, Washington area, you have a few good options for fireworks displays. There are a few things to consider, such as crowds and traffic, so without further ado here are my top three options for watching an authentic fireworks display and having a good time in the Seattle area on the 4th of July...

Gasworks Park
Gasworks Park is located by Lake Union in Seattle, and has been having fireworks displays for a good number of years now. This is actually the only valid fireworks display in Seattle these days, and I have watched the 4th of July fireworks here myself a few times. The fireworks show is a great one -- the best in Washington State -- and the park is a cool place to hang out during the day, but Gasworks Park is a rather small park and gets super crowded on the 4th of July especially right around dusk right before the fireworks begin. If you want a good "seat" at the park and a nearby parking spot you should plan on going at least a few hours early, and you should be prepared to walk at least a quarter mile as most available parking is in residential neighborhoods outside of the park. The main reason I never go to Gasworks Park for the 4th of July fireworks display myself is because it gets so gosh danged crowded and after the fireworks display is over there are mass traffic jams within the entire area and it usually takes at least two hours to get your car out of the traffic jam. The fireworks display is top notch, though.

If you hate big crowds and traffic jams, as I do, you have two other good options for watching 4th of July fireworks in Seattle, and not too many people know of these...

Fireworks display in Kingston
There is a very nice 4th of July fireworks display in Kingston, Washington each year as well as day-long events (a carnival and live bands) that make trip to Kingston worth it. You'll need to take the ferry to Kingston (from the Edmonds ferry) and the Kingston fireworks display is right there next to the Kingston ferry terminal. A good idea is to park your car in Edmonds and walk aboard the ferry -- it's cheaper and easier to park in Edmonds than in Kingston. The crowds are not so big in Kingston, the fireworks display is decent, and it's a lot of fun. The ferry boat ride is always nice on a warm day, too.

4th of July at Magnusen Park
Magnusen Park in the Sandpoint area of Seattle is a big secret... hush hush... this is where I've gone for the past couple of years to watch fireworks. There is no actual fireworks display at Magnusen Park, but since the park is right on the waters of Lake Washington you get a good view of not one, but three fireworks displays across the lake on the Eastside. There are fireworks displays in Kirkland, Bellevue, and a third one that I don't know exactly where it's located across the lake, but all three fireworks displays go off around the same time and you do have a pretty good view -- especially of the Kirkland display -- from the shores of Magnusen Park. The best part of watching fireworks from Magnusen Park is that you won't get stuck in a crowd or stuck in a traffic jam, plus it is a very large and super great park to hang out at during the afternoon and evening before the fireworks begin. Magnusen Park is also the best place for swimming in Seattle, so bring your swimsuit.

There you have it... the top spots for watching fireworks in Seattle on the 4th of July. Pack yourself a nice picnic lunch and enjoy! Great Balls of fire!

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