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About JAJ
I am a 29-year-old working class citizen, stricken to the core by the dissonant state of our political climate, and ready to do what I can to make a positive change in our country! I have always had a great love of music and film, and have worked in these fields on and off throughout my life. Last year, I ran for Seattle City Council, running against the regressive Sweetened Beverage Tax and the unfair conditions of the Democracy Voucher Program. While my run wasn't particularly successful, I feel it was the learning experience needed to bring me here today.

Why I am running
I'll just say it, as I am sure it is on many people's minds. The Democratic Party has lost touch with the working class of this country. Not only that, but their shift towards a more authoritarian and pro-censorship agenda has not gone unnoticed. This is why I am running as an Independent. I do not think any party should be left unchecked, and since the Republicans are all but irrelevant in this district, let it be an Independent to present that challenge.

My Opponent
Incumbent, Pramila Jayapal showed us all what she is truly made of during the Build Back Better negotiations. Not only did she let the bill completely sink into nothingness, but she also gave up all the leverage her caucus had worked so hard for over the years, and received absolutely nothing in return. We got absolutely nowhere in holding the current administration accountable for the promises they made during the 2020 presidential campaign. She also only went full out on endorsing pro-choice Democrats after the recent Supreme Court leak. These current performance issues lead me to the clear conclusion that if we truly value our democratic system and wish to use it to hold disappointing representatives accountable, Pramila Jayapal must not only be challenged... but defeated!

• Mary McClure (Democrat) Commissioner - Port of Kingston, WA
Naz Paul (Independent) Candidate for Washington Senate
• The Players Party of Seattle

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Where I stand on the issues

Jesse A James at the Westlake Assembly for Free Speech & Information (2022)