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Best Light Beer in the World: Coors Light, the Silver Bullet
Coors Light: A Gift from the Gods of Cheap Beer!

by Paul Ace Diamond "Huggy" Blow

Coors Light is the official beer of the Space Cretins

I love cheap, watery beer... I can't drink those fancy beers that are so thick you could stick a spoon in 'em and it will stand straight up... you know, the beers that contain about 1000 calories a pint and cost five bucks each at the local pub! Fuggedaboutit, they taste horrible to boot! I want, nay, I DEMAND a beer that tastes good, goes down easy, and won't add 20 pounds to my gut... and it's gotta fit into my tight wad budget.

The Silver Bullet is the answer to my beer-drinking prayers, a gift from the gods of cheap beer. The 24-ouncers sell for $2.29 at Safeway (cheaper than Budweiser), and when I feel like drinking a brewski, I'll walk a mile for a large can of Coors. Hey, it costs 10 cents more a can than those bad tasting cheap 24-ouncers I used to buy (Miller, Busch, etc.) but it's worth the extra dime... hey, I figure you only live once, might as well splurge.

What I like about Coors Light: Coors Light is by far the best tasting beer I've tried, period. It's clean and crisp tasting (just like pure mountain water) and has no bad aftertaste that all the other cheap beers have. It goes down smooth and mellow, and tastes great with a cheap stogie. Coors Light also does not give me a headache -- Miller and Oly always do -- and you just can't beat the price. I'm amazed it sells for so cheap -- it blows all those expensive yuppie beers away!

I used to drink the regular Coors beer (it also tastes great), but I tried the Coors Light once when the regular was out of stock, and I loved it, especially because it didn't make me feel fat and bloated after a couple of 24-oz cans. That's when I made the switch. Sometimes, when Coors Light is out of stock, I'll buy some other cheap beer (usually Busch Light, or whatever's on sale), and after one swig I gag. I can't believe I went all those pre-Coors years thinking they tasted good!

I swear by Coors Light. If you want a good brew that tastes good, won't make you fat, and will still give you a buzz -- check it out! It's yummylicious, and it's what the rock stars drink!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I originally wrote this beer review back in 2000, but twelve years later COORS LIGHT is still my number one favorite light beer, although I now buy the 16-oz sixpacks instead of the 24-oz cans.

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