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How to Lose Weight Quickly and Safely with the PDB Method
Need to Lose 5-10 Pounds? Here's How to Do it Quickly and Safely, with the Paul Diamond Blow Method (TM)

by Paul Ace Diamond "Huggy" Blow

Do you need to lose 5-10 pounds of chub? About once a year (usually right before Summer) I find myself in that situation, where I for one reason or another let things slide during the Winter months and find myself 5-10 pounds overweight with excess chub around my middle section that is NOT sexy. I've found that in my twenties it was easy to lose weight when I needed to, in my early thirties it was more difficult but still not too hard, but now in my "middle age" years I've found it is a real battle to keep the chub off as the metabolism slows down as you get older and it's very easy to let yourself go... but let's not go there. Let's lose some weight safely and quickly, and it is possible with the Paul Diamond Blow Method. (TM) Here's what's up...

We all know that in order to lose weight and to keep it off two things are necessary: exercise and a proper diet. Three things, actually: exercise, proper diet, and dedication. But if you need to lose five to ten pounds (or even more) let's start off with some basic exercise.

Exercise with the 20 minute Paul Diamond Blow workout: this exercise routine that I've developed has been widely circulated on the internet (usually without my permission) but in a nutshell here's what the Paul Diamond Blow 20 minute workout entails: one half mile jog (around the neighborhood, NOT on a gym treadmill), 100 sit-ups, and 40 push-ups (two sets of twenty). If you are totally out of shape, start off with a 1/4 mile jog, 50 sit-ups and 20 push-ups and work your way up. My Paul Diamond Blow workout takes 20 minutes to complete and if you do this workout five days a week you WILL get back in shape. (More on the 20 Minute PDB workout here.)

This is where it gets tough. We need to cut out the fatty fast foods and sugary snacks (or at least cut down) and eat healthier meals. I'm talking fresh salads, steamed rice and vegetables, tuna fish sandwiches, fresh know the drill. I also highly recommend Ultra Slim Fast -- it's a healthy replacement for your morning meal and it's freaking delicious. I myself love the vanilla flavored Ultra Slim Fast -- it's the next best thing to a vanilla shake. Ultra Slimfast is a good thing to add to your routine if you need to lose weight quickly and if you find just a glass of Slim Fast isn't enough for you, have a banana with it.

This is actually the easiest part of my "lose weight quickly" game plan. If you need to lose weight quickly you really need to cut out all high-calorie drinks. That means soda pop, beer, etc. A can of soda pop contains 150-200 calories on average. If you drink three cans a day or more, that's a lot of calories! It's no wonder that so many Americans are overweight considering how much soda pop we drink. The best alternative to sugary high-calorie drinks is water, but let's face it -- most of us (myself included) prefer to drink something sweet and tasty. Switching to diet drinks is a great way to cut calories and lose weight quickly, and it's even better to switch to diet drinks that are healthy for you. I highly recommend the diet Arizona Green Tea. It's freaking delicious and I personally drink 2-3 litres of the stuff each day. It's a great alternative to your diet soda pops and green tea has many health benefits that your sodas do not have.

In order to lose weight quickly and safely you need to commit yourself to the game plan. No slacking off! Many people trying to lose weight lack the dedication and commitment that it takes -- don't be one of them. Do the Paul Diamond Blow 20-minute workout five days a week, switch to diet drinks, cut out the sugar snacks and fatty fast foods, eat a healthier diet and you WILL lose weight. I guarantee it... You can do it.

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