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How to Get into Sexy Shape WITHOUT Joining a Gym!
Get into Sexy Shape with the 20-minute Paul Diamond Blow Workout!

by Paul Ace Diamond "Huggy" Blow

If youíre like me and work at a sit-on-your-butt-all-day job (myself, I do computer graphic arts), you need a regular workout to stay in sexy shape. A lot of people join gyms, but those can be expensive and you really donít need gyms or their fancy machines to get into and stay in sexy shape. With the Paul Diamond Blow Workout, you too can get into and stay in sexy shape with only a 20-minute-a-day commitment! All you really need for the Paul Diamond Blow Workout are some comfortable workout clothes, a good pair of running shoes, and dedication! Hereís how to get into sexy shape in only 20 minutes a dayÖ

1) Half-mile jog
To get into sexy shape you need some good cardio exercise. Jogging is easy to do and you can do it anytime, anywhere. I really have to laugh out loud when I see people in the gym on those fancy-pants running machines, sweating away and not going anywhere. I mean, why pay to walk or run on a boring machine when you can do it for free in your own neighborhood, or at the local park where you can get some fresh air and see some sights? All you really need is a good half-mile jog once a day. A mile would be even better, but just a half mile a day jog is enough to loosen you up and get the blood pumping, and a half-mile jog will take maybe fifteen minutes at a steady pace. If you want to make your jog more interesting, throw a few jabs in the air while running, ŗ la Rocky Balboa. A nice jog in the outdoors will also clear your head and will increase your stamina and energy level, I guarantee it. Donít forget to do a few minutes of warm up stretches first and always wear a good pair of comfortable running shoes.

2) 100 sit-ups
After your jog, itís time for some quality crunches to work the abdomen and get you that six-pack and abs of steel! I recommend 100 sit-ups a day, or 50 a day when youíre just starting out. Seriously, 100 sit-ups a day will tighten up your abs, guaranteed! You donít need to do them on some fancy-pants gymnasium sit-up board either, the floor will do just fine. 100 sit-ups will take maybe three minutes tops. For an extra turbo-boost in getting your six-pack abs, try holding some dumbells to your chest while doing your sit-ups. This will increase the workout to your abs as well as work out your arms at the same time.

3) 40 push-ups
Okay, I have to admit, this is the part of the Paul Diamond Blow Workout that even Paul Diamond Blow hates. I donít care much for push-ups, but they are a necessary evil to work out and strengthen your upper body: mainly the arms, shoulders, and chest. You do want nice pecs, donít you? I recommend two sets of 20 push-ups a day. Do one set before doing your 100 sit-ups and the second set after. You do not need to go to the fancy-pants gym for the bench press machine; simple push-ups at home will do just fine, and in the privacy of your own home nobody will see you squirm and grimace as you try to do those last five push-ups. Two sets of push-ups will take just a few minutes. Heck, when youíre in sexy shape you should be able to do one per second. Tip: to increase your motivation for the push-ups I recommend saying, ďROCK IT AND SHOCK IT!Ē before your setsÖ saying this will pump you up.

Thatís it! One half-mile jog, 100 sit-ups, and 40 push-ups a day, every day (or at least five days a week, I must admit that I myself slack off on the week ends). Youíve now worked out your legs, your abdomen, your arms, and your upper body. Everything except the booty, but getting ďbuns of steelĒ is a whole ínother article. The 20-minute Paul Diamond Blow Workout will indeed get you into sexy shape! Of course, there are more exercises you can do such as leg-lifts, jumping jacks, and dumb-bell workouts, but if you just do the main three Iíve listed with dedication, you will get into and stay in sexy shape, I guarantee it or your money back! Now letís all get sweaty and work outÖ ROCK IT AND SHOCK IT!

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