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Top Ten Christmas Gifts for the Single Guy
Ten Good Gift Ideas for the Bachelor in Your Life

by Paul Ace Diamond "Huggy" Blow

If you need to buy a Christmas present for a bachelor -- a single guy -- and have no clue what a single guy desires, you stumbled upon the right article at the right time. I have been a bachelor all my life (by choice, mind you) and I actually have a bachelor's degree in bachelorism. I know what a single guy wants for Christmas. Unfortunately, this is a "PG-13" website so I cannot list all the items a single guy wants here but I will list the top ten gifts that are politically correct at this time. So, without further ado, here are the top ten Christmas gifts for the single guy, and if you follow my advice the single guy in your life will thank you and love you for it. These Christmas gift ideas are suitable for single guys ages 18-100.

1) Rice steamer: Seriously, one of the best Christmas gifts I received in the last ten years was a rice/vegetable steamer. Actually, I bought if for myself for Christmas, but I use this thing all the time. A rice steamer makes a great gift for a single guy because you DO want him to eat healthy, don't you? Steamed rice and vegetables are mighty, mighty healthy and super easy to cook with a rice steamer. That's what a single guy needs -- something easy to use -- and a rice steamer fits the bill. Just plug it in, turn it on, add water, add rice, put some vegetables in the top compartment, and 15 minutes later it's ready to eat. These things are easy to clean, too, and that's a big bonus since single guys hate to wash a lot of dishes. You can purchase a nice rice/vegetable steamer for under 20 bucks.

2) The gift of music: What guy does NOT like music??? Well, there may be a few who don't but most dudes would love a CD of their favorite band (one they don't have yet, of course) for Christmas. If your single guy is "high tech" he may prefer an iTunes card so he can download his own choice of music from iTunes. You can't go wrong with music. Do it...

3) Socks: Seriously, socks make a great Christmas gift for a single guy. Socks are actually the only clothing item I would recommend as a gift for a single guy because chances are the single guy in your life will hate the nice sweater or pair of slacks you picked out for him and never wear them. Socks, on the other hand, will be used because we all need socks and they do have the tendency to wear out over time with proper use. Socks are a "boring" gift, so to spice it up I suggest adding some microwave popcorn into the package as a little bonus. Most single guys will wear the socks and eat the microwave popcorn, I guarantee it.

4) Booze: This goes for single guys who actually drink booze. Just make sure you buy booze that your single guy enjoys -- get his favorite brand of whiskey, tequila, rum, whatever. If you have no idea what brand of booze your single guy prefers buy him a bunch of those little "airplane" bottles they sell at the liquor store, that's always a good gift. Myself, I prefer a fifth of Chapman's whiskey in a plastic bottle because it's cheap and easy. Don't buy this gift if your single guy is currently enrolled in Alcoholics Anonymous or if he is a "mean" drunk, but otherwise you are golden with the gift of booze. Booze: it's what's for dinner.

5) USB flash drive: A USB flash drive is a great gift for any single guy "techie" who uses the computer and who may need to transfer files from computer to computer from time to time. These things are great because they are so small they can be carried on a keychain and they do come in handy. Guys are always losing their USB flash drives (because they are so small) so you can't go wrong giving your single guy one for Christmas because he will eventually lose it and need another one. You can buy a nice USB flash drive for under 20 bucks.

6) Gift card: Gift cards are just a little better than giving cash, but as long as the gift card is for a place where your single guy actually shops and is convenient to go to he will appreciate one. So, in other words, do NOT buy a Macy's or Victoria's Secret gift card for your single guy unless he is some kind of a freak. Buy him a gift card for Target, Fred Meyer, heck... even a grocery store gift card will do here.

7) AAA membership: For $56 you can buy your single guy a one year basic membership with Triple A. I used to get one of these every year from my parents and I always appreciated it. The basic membership plan entitles the user to up to three emergency service calls a year and five miles of free towing. For $89 you can give the "plus" membership which includes up to 100 miles of free towing. Basically, you use AAA to get a jump start when your battery is dead or get a tow if your car breaks down on you -- they don't actually fix your car for you on the spot unless it's an easy fix. If you don't actually need to use the card for emergency services the AAA membership card is also good for discounts (usually 10% off) on motels, restaurants, and other goods and services.

8) Vitamins: If your single guy is over the age of forty he may appreciate some good vitamins and supplements that will aid him in his quest to stay healthy and age well. You can't go wrong with some basic multi-vitamins, and flax seed oil or green tea supplements are also a good choice. Do not buy Geritol as a Christmas gift -- that could be considered an insult. Since vitamins and supplements can also be considered to be a "boring" gift, throw some microwave popcorn in with the package. Us single guys love microwave popcorn.

9) A toy from his past: As we single guys age we tend to try to recapture our youth, and giving your single guy a favorite toy from his past is a good way to help him in his quest. This could be an action figure he used to love or some other toy or game he used to play with in days gone by. Personally, I would love it if someone gave me the Planet of the Apes General Urko action figure for Christmas since it's the one I always wanted as a youth but never got, since the danged things were always sold out. I wouldn't play with it, mind you, I would set it up on my shelf and look at it. Okay... I would play with.

10) Tools: You can't go wrong with a nice set of tools as a Christmas gift for the single guy. I'm talking a set of allen wrenches, socket wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers -- any sort of tools that are used for working on cars or fixing household items or making general repairs. Us single guys like to think of ourselves as handymen and we need tools to live this fantasy. Just make sure that you give some quality tools, not the junk sold at the dollar store. And what the heck, throw in some microwave popcorn with this gift because you know how us single guys love the microwave popcorn.

11) Microwave popcorn: What the heck, I've already listed microwave popcorn three times, but you know what? Microwave popcorn all by itself can be a nice gift for the single guy, just make sure he actually owns a microwave. Us singles guys really do love the microwave popcorn, especially the kind with extra butter. And what the heck, if your single guy does not have a microwave oven, buy him one of those too.

There you go.. the top ten Christmas gifts for the single guy. Now just pick out one of these item I have listed and make the single guy in your life happy.

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