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Top Ten Party Rock Songs of All Time
Need Some Killer Party Rock Songs for Your Rock'n'roll Party Mix? Here You Go, Mates, Let's Party!

by Paul Diamond Blow

What are the top ten party rock songs of all time? To me, a party rock song must fill three requirements: it must be up-tempo with a straight ahead ROCKING beat (no power ballads allowed), it must make you feel good (no depressing lyrics allowed), and it must make you want to move, maybe even dance up a storm. Here then, are the top ten party rock songs of all time, songs that have consistently pumped me up over the years and my "go-to" songs that I play when I'm gearing up for a night out on the town. These ten party rock songs together would make for an awesome play list for anyone's rock'n'roll party, believe you me. So here we go, let's get the party started!

10) Jump (Van Halen): You gotta have some Van Halen in your party rock songs mix, 'cos let's face it -- David Lee Roth is one of rock'n'roll's greatest partiers and he knows how to have a good time. "Jump" features a straight-ahead rock beat, cool synth work by Eddie, and of course Diamond Dave's amazing vocals. Nobody can resist singing along with this number, at least no decent rock'n'roller I know can resist, and this song will get the party started and have people jumping around in no time, flash. Do it! (From the 1984 album.)

9) Round and Round (RATT): The first time I ever heard any RATT was back in the 1980's at a punk rock party where someone had the audacity to play "Round and Round." Can you believe it? A buttrock song at a punk rock party? But I loved this song at first listen and bought the album Out of the Cellar the very next day. RATT is another great party rock butt-rock band with scores of tunes suitable for a rock'n'roll party mix, but "Round and Round" is probably their biggest hit and for good reason... a great rocking beat, cool guitar riffs, cool vocals by Stephen Pearcy, awesome lead guitar work by Warren De Martini, and a super catchy chorus. An instant party rock classic... 'nuf said! (From the Out of the Cellar album.)

8) Welcome to the Jungle (Guns 'N Roses): Sure, this is one song that's been played waaaay too many times, but let's face it -- you never get tired of hearing it! After all, this is probably the best song Guns 'N Roses ever recorded and it's the song that made them famous (especially after being featured in a Dirty Harry movie), and it's one heckuva great party rock song, complete with cowbell even! Great beat, super cool riffs, and Axl's awesome vocals... a "must play" at any decent rock'n'roll party and a standard on jukeboxes in rock clubs far and wide. Fun and games, indeed! (From the Appetite for Destruction album.)

7) Little T&A (Rolling Stones): you gotta put a little Rolling Stones in your party rock song mix, and although the Stones have got scores of party rock songs this one is my personal favorite. It is actually the only song I like off the Tattoo You album and it features a straight-ahead rocking beat, super cool riffs (courtesy of Keith Richards) and even features Keith Richards on vocals. And c'mon... the lyrics "tits and ass with soul, baby..." that's PARTY! (From the Tattoo You album.)

6) Black Out in the Red Room (Love/Hate): The Los Angeles butt-rock band Love/Hate only had a couple of hits back in the day, and "Black Out in the Red Room" was one of them, for good reason. .. this is a party rock song to the maximum and features a great beat, a huge guitar riff, and singer Jizzy Pearl's' truly awesome vocals. I never even heard this song myself until 2010 when I saw L.A Guns play (with Jizzy Pearl on vocals) and they covered this song. It was the highlight of their set and I asked Jizzy back stage "What was that freaking song you did???" He told me, I went home and downloaded it, and now the song is on my "top ten party rock songs" list. 'Nuff said. The chorus even contains the lyric "It's party time!" which makes this hit an instant party rock classic, suitable for framing. (From the Blackout in the Red Room album.)

5) Strutter (KISS): You gotta have some KISS in your party rock song mix, these guys were all about the party rock, you know it! There are so gosh danged many KISS party rock songs to choose from but "Strutter" has always been one of my personal favorite KISS songs and it never fails to pump me up and make me rock out with my you-know-what out. One of the great guitar riffs of all time (courtesy of Ace Frehley) and who can't resist raising their fist and singing along with the chorus? I know I can't... and you can't either. Play it! (from the Kiss album.)

4) Let's Get Wasted (Warrior Soul): "Let's Get Wasted" appears on Warrior Soul's The Space Age Playboys album. The entire album is a punky, glammy, party rock classic, but "Let's Get Wasted" is the highlight track and features an awesome rocking drum beat, sizzling fuzzed out guitars, and Kory Clarke's snarling vocals. The chorus of the song is "Let's Get Wasted" (of course) and isn't that what you want to do at a rock'n'roll party? Of course it is! This song has been pumping me up for years now and it always gets me in the proper mood for a night out on the town. (From the Space Age Playboys album.)

3) 999 (Keith Richards): "999" appears on Keith Richards solo album Main Offender and is simply one of the most rocking songs I've ever heard. What makes this song is the straight ahead rock beat mixed with the freaking killer Keith Richards riff (why do you think they call him "the Riff"?) and it just plain rocks steady for almost five minutes. The lyrics are nonsensical, almost, but seem to have something to do with heroin. I freaking love this song, and when I play it I usually end up breaking out in a kung fu frenzy. Not too many songs have that effect on me, I'll tell you that much... that's how freaking awesome it is. (From the Main Offender album.)

2) She Sells Sanctuary (the Cult): If you want the peeps to hit the floor and start dancing at your next rock'n'roll party this is the song to play. I know, I always bust out in a groove whenever I hear it, it never fails to make me move and I love it. "She Sells Sanctuary" is probably the best song the Cult ever recorded and has become my own personal favorite song of all time. Did I tell you that I freaking love it? This song features a great straight ahead beat, a strong bass line, super cool melodic guitar work by Billy Duffy, Ian Astbury's amazing vocals, and all combined makes for one heckuva awesome party rock song. Play it and dance, suckas! (From the Love album.)

1) Shout it Out Loud (KISS): KISS is the ultimate party rock band of all time so they get two songs on my "top ten party rock songs" list, dig it? "Shout it Out Loud" is a stand out party rock song with big riffs, awesome vocals by Paul Stanley, and one of the catchiest choruses of all time. The song even contains the lyric "we're gonna have a party"... darn right we're gonna have a party, and we're gonna party down with KISS! (From the Destroyer album.)

There you have it... the top ten greatest party rock songs of all time that will pump you up, make you feel good, and maybe even make you break out in a dance move. Get these party rock songs for your next rock'n'roll party and your party will be a hit, I guarantee it. Now go ROCK!