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UPDATED 05-13-2018...

Rock bands, rock stars --glam, punk, hard rock heros! If that's what you like, you're at the right place...links to the best --KISS, Motorhead, Ramones, etc.--and some new bands you may not have heard of, they're all here! You won't find any grunge, hip-hop, top 40,or wimpy college "alternative" crap here, baby...this is ROCK, baby, ROCK, ROCK, and only ROCK! For rockers only...

I've compiled a list of links to my personal favorites (and perhaps yours), in alphabetical order...(artists are listed by first name). I've searched the web far and wide to get the best links, so what the hell...sit back, crack open a frosty one, crank up some tunes...and CHECK IT OUT! Rock on!


ACE DIAMOND BIMBOS--this band is cool. They're from Seattle, and sound like KISS.

AC/DC--"Some Sin for Nothing" --nice features here about these Aussie hard rockers...

ACE FREHLEY --Very cool site. Ace is the man.

ALICE COOPER --Alice's OFFICIAL website - great photos!

ALPHADRONE These guys are close & personal friends of mine--they play noise/art rock, ala Bauhaus, Joy Division.

ANDREW WOOD the Andrew Wood Tribute Page. Landrew was a friend of mine.

BERSERKERS the Berserkers are punk rock legends up in Seattle...Very Motorheadish sounding.

BACKYARD BABIES --punk-rock-n'roll with a Spinal Tap twist!

BILLY IDOL The bleach blonde rock star's official website.

the CULT Ian Astbury is a poet. The Cult rock! This is their official website.

THE DAMNED This is the best website for the Damned that I could find...what a freaking band!


DAVID LEE ROTH--Rock star. No doubt about it.

DICTATORS this is the Dictators Official Website. Guess what? These New York badboys are back!

DAVID BOWIE'S BOWIENET David Bowie's official "Bowie-net"...very weird!

DAVID BOWIE Teenage Wildlife...nice...Ziggy Stardust lives!

ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN --These guys are from New Jersey and play punk rock'n'roll like it was meant to be played!

GENE SIMMONS --this is Gene's official website. It is WAY COOL!

GLENN DANZIG --"Danzig- the 7th House" all about Glenn & his bands...

GUNS N ROSES The OFFICIAL Axl Rose Guns N Roses website.

HANOI ROCKS "the Official Hanoi Rocks Homepage" very cool site for these glam rockers.

IGGY POP ...the Stooges were cool...Iggy is a rock idol...this is his own personal website.

JESSE MALIN Glam/punk rocker from New York, former singer for the very cool D-generation, now he's gone solo.

JESSE A. JAMES Website for up-and-coming rock/metal musician Jesse A. James from Seattle WA.

JOEY RAMONE The official website for Joey Ramone... thanks for the music, Joey!

JOHNNY THUNDERS "Johnny Thunders Cyber Lounge"...this site is way, WAY cool.

KEITH RICHARDS the official Keith Richards website... he is the coolest guitarist of all time!.

KISS --the OFFICIAL KISS website. Yeaaaah, babies!

KISS "KISS Asylum"--one of the best KISS sites on the web.

KISS "KISS Dominion"

KORY CLARKE great singer, for Warrior Soul and the Space Age Playboys. This is his Facebook page.

L.A. GUNS The official LA Guns website for the Phil Lewis version.

MARKY RAMONE the Official Homepage for Marky Ramone. He's got a cool new band, guess what songs they play?

METALLICA...Metallica's official webpage.

MISFITS this is the Misfits' official website!

MOTLEY CRUEthis is the Crue's Official Website. It's rad.

MOTORHEAD Motorhead's official website...Lemmy is like a god.

OZZY OSBOURNE -- one of my favorite singers, Ozzy knows how to rock! This is Ozzy's official site.

PAUL STANLEY the ASK PAUL STANLEY shockwave game! Ask the Starchild any question!

PAUL STANLEY This is the Starchild's offical homepage. Do it!

RAMONES The Ramones Official Website...yeah baby! My alltime favorite band!.

RATT RATT-N-ROLL... Ratt's official homepage (without Stephen Pearcy, of course).

REDD KROSS --these guys are still rocking! Yeah, babies!

ROB ZOMBIE --this site is kind of creepy...

ROLLING STONES the very "official" Rolling Stones site.

ROLLING STONES "The Rolling Stones Ultimate fansite"

SLASH "Slash's Home Page" --unofficial fan page for the Snakeman...

SPACE AGE PLAYBOYS Glam rockers from Hollywood. This band ripped it up in the late 90's with Korey Clarke on vocals.

SPACE CRETINS high-voltage, punkish glam rock from Jet City seattle. Not your usual Seattle band, these guys ROCK!!!

SUPERSUCKERS --Eddie Spaghetti and Co. rock and roll dirty style!

TOMMY LEE --Tommy Lee's official website. Rock on!

ZEKE --Zeke's official website... Seattle badboy punk rock!

ZIGGY STARDUST --a very cool webpage devoted to David Bowie's alter ego.